Beautiful velvet dress with pagdi for laddu gopal ji

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description - laddu gopal dress offer by kk groups . this dress is very beautiful heavy dress , which can give a different look to your kanha ji , very comfortable dress for your laddu ji , you can wear this dress at all occasions like janmasthmi , holi , diwali , new year and many other occasions . please check size of your laddu ji and base size of dress before order . you can put question to me if you have any doubt ,  mainly all sizes available in this krishna dress . thanks "kk groups"                                                             

  - laddu gopal dress

- velvet thakur ji dress
- all size available in this krishna dress
- best heavy dress for your bal gopal
- handmade dress
- made in rajasthan
- also for occasions like janmasthmi , holi ,diwali and many other occasions
- suitable dress for kanha ji in all weathers
- offer by kk groups

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